Trust is key between you and your employees. How better to show your employees you have their best interest in mind than having a safe place for them if the unimaginable happens.

What’s the Risk?

Tornadoes often strike with little warning. Having a close, reliable safe room greatly improves your employees’ chances of surviving these dangerous storms. People outside of “Tornado Alley” may think they are out of harms way but tornadoes happen in every state. Hurricanes and even typical thunderstorms can cause catastrophic winds making a safe room necessary. Have you considered talking to your employees about safe rooms in their homes?

What’s the Cost?

Whether they are starting from building from scratch, remodeling their space or even if they lease, your employees should consider adding a safe room to their plans. Research has shown that many homeowners would be interested in adding the necessary features to an everyday space in their home to make it a safe room. Encourage your employees to use the cost calculator to get a rough estimate on how much it would cost to add a safe room. If they are unable to make changes to the blueprint of their home, your employees can consider installing a pre-fabricated safe room from a NSSA supplier. A safe room may also be a good option for you to add your small business. There are many options available even if you lease or rent your workspace.

How do you get started?

There are many options when considering adding a safe room to a structure. However, any space added must be built to meet or exceed certain standards. If you or your employees are considering purchasing a prefabricated safe room, be sure to work with an NSSA supplier. The prefabricated safe room should be designed to meet standards set forth by the National Storm Shelter Association, the International Code Council and FEMA and will stand up to winds up to the most intense tornadoes and hurricanes. There are many guides to help you or your employees as you work with a contractor to build to the desired standard.

How Much Would It Cost?