You know first-hand the kind of destruction and personal devastation tornadoes and other high wind events can cause. You also know that families with a safe haven have the best chance of surviving the unpredictable nature of a tornado. Increasing the number of safe rooms in your community will save lives and will reduce the strain on local resources if a tornado does strike.

Resources for You

Residents of your community look to you as their source for information about keeping their families safe. These tools will help you explain the basics of a safe room and the benefits.

Customizable Brochure: Download this safe room introductory brochure and customize it with your community’s information. Inside you will find basic information about safe rooms and how they can benefit your residents. Distribute this in municipal buildings, at local events or even as a bill stuffer in advance of the severe weather season where you are. By including your local city seal and contact information, your residents can rest assured they are getting quality information and will also know where to go for more information.

Cost Calculator: Many of your residents will be interested in the cost of adding a safe room to their plans. Consider linking to this cost calculator so they can determine the average cost of adding a safe room during new construction or as a part of a remodel. Note, costs in the calculations to add a safe room to an existing construction include only the additional demolition, materials, and labor associated with making the structure a safe room.

FLASH Animation: This animation helps residents understand how safe rooms work and offer a primer on how they should be built. You can link to this video from your community’s website to offer additional information.

How Much Would It Cost?